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Ive been researchig alot on the web and our forums regarding marijuana and gyne. Can i please get your opinions on whether or not your think using marijuana will cause my gyne to come back? I just want your personal opinion on this subject. Have you ever seen one of your patiend re grow the gyne from occasionally using marijuana? I will NEVER USE STEROIDS or any other drugs just enjoy a few beers now and then and i have a marijuana vaporizer which is pretty awesome and clean because it just heats it up to a vaper without burning so so smoke. I used to use occasionally. Ive slipped a few times since surgery (1 month ago) and used my vaporizer but havent actually smoked any just because i dont like the smoke. Please please dr. Jacobs or anyone else give me your personal opinion. Thanks :)

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My personal opinion is that marijuana in very small amounts would probably not increase the risk of gyne recurrence after surgery.

However, there are no scientific studies because it is an illegal substance, so there is no way to know for sure one way or the other.

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Thank you Dr. Jacobs for your quick reply! ive said it before and ill say it again I appreciate having an intelligent and experienced Dr. like yourself on this forum. Its awesome that you dont bs us when we ask you a direct question or ask for your opinion. that makes me feel alot better. I use it in very small amounts sometimes but i will keep in moderation. im so motivated to just focus on getting healthy and letting my post op chest heal but i admit i do enjoy a few puffs now and again just like enjoy a few drinks after a long day at work.


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