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Right, basically ahving read this site and looking at pictures of others I am pretty sure i have gyne./ However, I am overweight - although I would put this mainly down to the fact that I am far to embarrased to wear any t-shit or gym clothes in public, so I can't do sport. Even in summer I have to wear hoodise and obviously that is not going to be an option for the gym ever. Before I see about getting srugery, I want to lose weight and become very fit just to make sure it definately 100% is, and as there is a gym near me this is possible - but how can I hide them, in a way under gym clothes so that I can do this? I seriously won't be able to unless i can hide them. I also play rugby, but I wear many layers and a thick rugby top and you can still kind of see.

I have another question too, mine seems a bit weird, because I ahve huge, round smooth nipples that stick out, but when it is cold they go small and hard and shrink loads and they almost look normal. Does this happen to anyone else? Why this this happen? doees it mean its not gyne?

thanks for all you help :(

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I was in a very similar position that you are now about a year ago. First thing get tank top style under shirts that are a size smaller than what you normally wear. Then just put on normal style t shirts that they sell like at wallmart look for 100% cotton shirts in dark colors. You can get all of this for under $30.

Now just go to the gym just do it. It was hard for me at first all the in shape people and huge steroid using body builders can be intimidating. But you know if you want to be in shape if you want it bad then get in the gym.

1.    For a starter you can do back and biceps one day.
2.   Chest and triceps the other day.
3.   Rest one day then do legs next day.
4.   Then shoulders and arms you want to build up your arms to hide the gyno.

Don’t work out more than 5 days a week don’t over train or you wont see results.

 Do 25 to 35 minutes of cardio 4 to 5 times a week.  After you get use to this routine in about a month or so ask people at the gym what works best for them always be open minded to variety . I have been working out for 9 months now and I have lost 20 pounds of fat and put on all kinds of muscles naturally.

Get motivated and just do the hardest part is starting who cares if you look overweight in 3 weeks you will see results and then there will be new beginners at the gym that are less in shape than you. Look around at in shape people when you need motivation.
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Don’t use you weight as an excuses if you don’t want people to see you most gyms are really empty a certain times of the day like when they first open and then like at 1 pm .
Do it you will thank yourself later try drinking diet red bull befor you workout helps me and oh ya LIMIT YOUR SODIUM INTAKE IT MAKES YOU REATINE WATER IN YOUR CHEST AND ALL OVER THIS MEANS NO MORE SODA OR UNSISSARY SALT . !!!!

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hey there, i have just had a week of wearing a compression vest, i too am overweight and im telling you these things are such a great help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought mine off ebay..maybe u can find it cheaper else where but i found it reasonable..

I find this helps alot to do sport etc, its uncomfortable at first but you get used to it after one day!
hope htis is any sort of help!


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