Author Topic: Surgery DONE!! More PIcs (2 days, 1 week, 16 days post op)  (Read 18235 times)

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You just need to let it heal up all the way man.  You stressin over somethin you can't control. 

Fluffy( o )v( o )...
My before and after surgery pics: Leave a comment if you look!! (HAD THE WRONG LINK UP! THIS IS THE ONE WITH ALL THE PICS)

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LOL....i completely agree with u....
...It is something I had control over (before the surgery)

guess its the waiting game now :)

hows your healing going, fluffy

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dude ..

from the pics u hv provided im not able to get the depression u r talking abt..

some closer pictures shd do good idea abt tht...

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Look carefully at 1201 and 1199. You will see a darker area next to my right nipple towards the center of my chest...I know..its very hard to show up in pics but quite noticeable in person.

How is ur recovery going? Did you get your concerns sorted out?
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Your looking better. It looks like the deformity is gone.  I just had my surgery done earlier today. hoping It is as good as yours
Peace and Love

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Actually those are quite old pics dude.

The problem didnt worsen in the days after the pics, but now 6 weeks after the op it is hard to say whether its improving or growing worse.

It is bothering me slightly lesser than before, but there could be multitude of reasons for that: 1) Me getting used to it 2) Me being distracted with classes and work with college having started or 3) Actual improvement.

Hard to say which one is it.

But if you click on this link you would know in details about my latest concerns. The pics are about 15 days old on it:

Dont mean to dishearten you in anyway though. I hope you have a speedy recovery with awesome results!

In my experience, it helped me a lot to wear TIGHT compression as long as possible, and also to start massaging when I was around 4 weeks post op. Some say you can begin after 3 week. But I wouldnt advice anytime sooner since it might actually worsen the swelling.


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