Author Topic: Yhe weight of breasts. How do you work with it?  (Read 260 times)

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So in the pic below, you will see that I am not very large ata ll. (It been going on for a bit over 2 years now). 

But I feel weight of breasts that sometimes drags downward and pulls the underboob.   It can be a bit uncomfortable at times. 

Outside of a bra, what do you do to cope with it? 

I have in fact started to loose weight, but they are growing out.  It makes me wonder what I am in store for? 


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I spent years ignoring my breasts at an even larger size. It was a constant irritation but I was locked into the “guys don’t wear bras“ mindset because it was too “girly”.
A couple of years ago, after starting meds, they started filling out again and I HAD to do something. I’m not totally blaming the meds as age and an interesting hormone profile had to be a contributor. There’s only two answers, surgery or acceptance by wearing support. My wife is much like yours as she can see I need it but not happy her “manly” man is in a bra and mine are much larger.
On the plus side, wearing a bra now will help save you from the pitosis age brings. We didn’t ask for this but at least I’m trying to make the best of the situation.

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Wrapping ones head around the need for a bra has been complicated a lot by societies insistence on gender roles, and what they perceive as acceptable. Compounded by the health and fitness, beauty, and health care (big pharma) industries bottom lines. 

Acceptance and surgery are both options depending on what you are comfortable with. Having chosen acceptance myself at a 46C, there is a need for support, controlling boob sweat, movement, and protecting the nips. 

Beyond a bra, some use compression shirts / vests, camisoles, tankini or bikini tops, or nothing. It all depends on ones comfort level. I tried the compression method, and a lot of pullover sports bras that are essentially just binders, and found them lacking.

I chose to use bras for support. There are many differing bra types that will help with concealment to a certain degree. So, I would suggest looking into these, if you are not wanting to go the surgical route.

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You might lose a little fat around the edges while losing weight, but I hate to tell you, unless you plan on having them removed, they're only going to get heavier.  Like others, I would only wear compression shirts, at first.  Then they didn't help because they didn't hold the weight of my breasts which had gotten a lot bigger.  Because of more/bigger breast tissue, the compression shirts wouldn't even hide them.  The compression, if all day, only makes them sore.  Beyond some type of bra, your possibilities will be more limited, the larger your breasts get. It may be hard to wrap your mind around, but if they keep growing, go for the support that a bra gives.  You'll be much more comfortable.
If I'm going to have them, I want them to look good!

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I would advise working out. If it is true breast tissue it won't go away as body fat diminishes but the strength built in the pectorals can help lift the breast and provide a support system of their own in the muscles. I look at it as carrying a grocery. If you are fairly weak carrying a bag of potatoes can be exhausting quickly...if you keep in shape carrying that same bag isn't so bad and often can be felt in weight but not bothered by its weight


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