Author Topic: WOOHOO! My insurance approved my surgery, after only a week! Surgery in 3 weeks!  (Read 2456 times)

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I can't believe it... My insurance approved my request for surgery. The plastic surgeon just called me today to schedule a surgery date. All I did was go to a general doc, and got a referral to the plastic surgeon, had a couple pics and measurements taken, and a week later, it was APPROVED :D.

Sorry, I'm just super excited right now. I don't want to share what insurance it was right now, because I heard it was one that normally declines the claims 100%. I feel like if I talk about it, they could come back and deny mine or something haha.. Maybe it was because I have pretty severe gynechomastia, or maybe it was just because my surgeon knows the right way to submit the claim.

I'm scheduled to have my breasts amputated, liposuction, and aereolas trimmed and re-grafted. It will be pretty drastic surgery, and I will share more information as time progresses.


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Make sure you get that approval in writing. I have read horror stories about insurance companies sticking their clients with the bill after the fact. My insurance covered my last surgery and tried to send me a bill for 1700. Because they didnt agree with a portion of how the surgery was done. I sent it back saying i contested it and they folded right away. But just cover your bases.


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