Author Topic: will this kill me?  (Read 2376 times)

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will this kill me?

http://www.'diet aid of questionable value'.com/male-breast-reduction-ingredients.php

i have some coming in the mail soon. i have to remove these man titts. maybe taking these pills and going to the gym everyday will help.
i will post before and after photos so you guys will know if it works. god help me.


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it probably won't kill you, but you probably won't get any results. We had someone try some pills like that here and it didn't do anything for him

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Amazing how we have millions of first time posters referring to this as opposed to any other form of treatment ever!!!

Sorry but I am prepared to now say this is bull shit!!!

No way in a million years are people just happening to always be first time posters on this site and always talking about this as opposed to Andractim or Tamoxifen etc.....

We never seem to have first time posters referring to anything else.

I think the mods should remove all first time posters just happening to refer in their first posts to such rubbish!!!

I am sure the person here is not someone from the company producing this crap ::) but either way there ARE definitely people here on their behalf doing exactly this!!!

We need these ads to be kept to a minimum!!

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i have no idea what you are talking about. really...sorry but its the truth. its normall to ask about pills before having a doc cut you up. I was just looking for some advice. please need to get emotional

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No pills are going to help.The only way is surgery and its up to the individual to decide.

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There are no "over the counter" preparations which are safe and effective for the reduction of Gynecomastia.

There are medications which have some benefit for a small number of selected patients but they require a prescription and their use requires competent medical oversight and monitoring of Hormone levels etc.

The procuct mentioned above is nothing more than a diet aid which is highly advertised but of questionable value.  We have not had any credible report that it is effective at reducing Gynecomastia. The success stories are only that, Stories with no supporting evidence.
Grandpa Dan

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I think the pills is nothing more than a fat burner


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