Author Topic: Will gynecomastia surgery make your nipples hard again?  (Read 2419 times)

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I understand this can't be an answer for everyone who has surgery but can the surgery make your nipples thinner and "hard" instead of fat and soft?

My nipples are only hard right now when they are cold or when I get out of the shower. Would surgery make them permanently hard?

I have seen this in some before and after surgerys and was wondering how common it is.



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After the gland is removed and everything is contoured appropriately, your nipples should lie flat and flush with the surrounding skin, giving you the results you're describing. Its the gland (and maybe some fat) underneath that is giving them the soft feel you're describing.

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There is a muscle contained within the skin of the areola, which, when stimulated by temperature, emotion or physical stimulation, will constrict the areolar skin (causing some small ridges to form and the nipples  themselves to harden and to protrude.  This is a normal physiological reaction and is not affected by surgery -- either way.

If you have puffy nipples which seem to become better when exposed to cold, then they should become better (permanently) after appropriate surgery.

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