Author Topic: Which Doctor was kicked off this forum for bad behavior?  (Read 1017 times)

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I am not sure if anyone remembers but a few years back, there was a recommended doctor from Texas who I think turned out to be really bad.

I think the previous owner of this forum said that he has never heard a doctor use the type of language or speak in the way that this individual did.

I think he ended up being banned from this forum.

I was just wondering if anyone remember his name( so that we can avoid him)



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An incident comes to mind but the details do not match.

In the case I'm thinking of, a Doctor had posted a number of endorsements. While the endorsements were posted under several different names, It was thought the doctor himself was the author of them.

The site has never condoned negative content because it cannot ever be fairly opposed. Endorsements are also not given a lot of credibility.

When it comes to checking out a specific Surgeon, Nothing beats doing your own research.
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