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I don’t even know what I aim to get from this site. I just want to share my experience and just write it all down. I’ve never been overweight, I have a 6 pack, i go to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day, I’m 18 and I’ve had huge nipples that poke out of my shirt since I was 13. I really don’t have a life at all. I don’t have a single friend, I never hang out with anyone because I never want to talk to anyone because I’m constantly depressed about my chest. I don’t have any hobbies because I never feel like doing anything because whenever I would do something that made me happy I’d think “why are you happy right now you have freaking man boobs and other people are looking at them just go back to your room” I pretty much stay in my room all the time apart from when I go to the gym, I don’t even know why I still go to the gym, I guess I just like listening to music and I have nothing else to do and I still always have that hope that it will eventually go away from working out even tho I know it won’t. All my life is is waking up, deciding whether or not I want to eat breakfast or starve myself and maybe my gyno will go away today, I go to school, don’t talk to anyone, just do my work and go to the library at lunch and do more work. Go home after school, maybe lie in bed staring at the ceiling for an hour until I force myself to walk down to the gym even tho I know nothings gonna change. I come home and go back to my room and watch Netflix, and then a couple hours pass and I think about whether or not I wann go back to the gym, sometimes I do, and then I’ll go to bed and restart. I literally have 0 friends, I don’t go to any social gatherings of any sort, I’m graduating this year and I’m not going to prom because I seriously have no clue who I would ask cause there’s no one, I’m not going to my grad ceremony cause there’s no reason, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. My gyno makes it impossible for my brain to ever want to be social or ever do anything, this is such a curse and I hate that I have to bear this insanely hard burden. I’m just so depressed


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Hello , the point, well its to get on with life and if you breasts bother you to the point you are speaking of please seek some help, you are young and have a full life ahead of you. Most of us in this forum have been dealing with breasts for many years and some choose to remove them and others embrace them and still some just deal.Depression is not the way to go through life. Perhaps you could post a picture of your chest and post to one of our Dr Mods and ask what they think. Dr Jacobs is a very good recourse .Best wishes .Walt


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