Author Topic: What grade is my gyno? Do I need to lose weight?  (Read 185 times)

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I'm planning on getting surgery net month but was wondering what my gyno grade is? Pics attached. And should I lose weight before I get surgery?



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The same question in the doctors section might get a better answer.  I personally do not rate or grade gynecomastia. You either have it or not from my perspective. As to whether you should lose weight, that is a trick question. I believe your weight should be stable at the time of surgery. 
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A doctor will always advice losing any excess weight prior to surgery if possible (mostly because overweight patients have increased risk of adverse side affects from surgery and the anesthetic etc). But you will need to speak to your specifc surgeon before having anything done and make sure you fully talk through your concerns and have time to make the right decision before going ahead.

Best of luck with it.


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