Author Topic: Weight loss increases gyno?  (Read 3841 times)

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I'm 14 and have had gyno for a couple of years. i'm 6ft 185lbs but i don't have any underarm hair so i haven't hit my 'peak' in puberty yet- i've been lifting weights and cardio training which has had me drop wieght and pack on some chest muscle but its made my puffy nips much more noticable and larger- but the chest looks smaller. instead of drooping now they are sticking straight out. i can feel a hard disc under each nip which still hurts.   Is it getting worse or is it going away ??? at the last physical the doctor wouldn't do anything since i haven't hit puberty full out yet- but its getting really embaressing- has anyone had this? I'm wondering if its just going to get worse before better or if i'm getting worse.....

also has anyone tried lipodissolve? i saw an ad for this surgery that they said works on gynomastia.


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Lipodissolve is experimental.....could cause some very serious problems....even more serious than gyne.

Lipodissolve: The Problems
The injections do liquefy fat, but where the fat goes is anyone's guess. Potentially it could be filtered through the liver, creating a fatty liver. Such excess fat in the liver can result in inflammation and possible scarring and liver failure.

The liquefied fat may also wind up in the blood vessels, where it could add to existing fatty plaque and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Also, no studies have demonstrated where the medication travels or how it may affect organs. Nor does research exist on the optimal ingredients, proper dosages or short-term side effects. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that infection, disfiguring masses of inflamed tissue and tissue death can occur after lipodissolve, especially when the procedure is performed by laypeople. Buyer beware: Some plastic surgeons are seeing indentations and divets (depressions) in the skin of people who have undergone lipodissolve. Such defects can be extremely difficult to correct.

Lipodissolve should not be used in pregnant women, nursing mothers or obese individuals; or in people with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, vascular (blood vessel) complications or infections of any kind. It is not an appropriate treatment for large areas of fat.

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Hey Kid,

Hang in there. You might want to check out my pics here:
I've had very good luck with the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite product. It includes an amino acid tablet and a gel to put on stubborn fat areas. I also have used the Nivea Cellulite patches. You wear the patches up to 8 hours at a time to dramatically reduce spot areas. I really feel like they work. I noticed some change after the first few applications, and after wearing the pads 6 times, I've seen some great alterations in my chest area. They aren't expensive, and might give you a boost if you're going to the beach or swimming and have to take off your shirt.

Talk to a personal trainer to make sure you're not doing too much cardio. You can end up losing muscle weight if you're training too intensely. You want to lose fat weight. Are you eating an adequate amount of protein each day? Don't cut your calories too low, you're still growing. Your bones are still forming, you need some guidance on lifting weights. 

I take an extract of tumeric called curcumin. I really feel the glandular portion is smaller now. It's not too expensive, and I have not heard of any negative side effects.

Get your parents on your side in case you need surgery. Let them know this is a priority for you. You might want to steer them to this website, so they can see how badly gyne can affect your self-image. Believe me, if a daughter had something disfiguring her physical appearance or made her look masculine, they wouldn't think twice about surgery. I should know, I have several children. You need to be persuasive and honest with them and your doctor in order to try some procedures as soon as possible. The doctor may be reticent to do anything until after puberty has concluded.

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also has anyone tried lipodissolve? i saw an ad for this surgery that they said works on gynomastia.

lipodissolve will NOT rid you of the glandular tissue...


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