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Hi guys, I hit puberty around 14. When I was 15 I grew some bad gyno (silver dollar size, painful, hard) that lasted about two years. 

During this period, I noticed that  I had VERY weak orgasms. Like I would cum and barely feel any pleasure. Libido remained normal. 

Now I'm 23. My gyno faded years ago and now I just have puffy nipples. My orgasms seem alright, but I have a feeling they're not as good as they should be for someone of my age and fitness. Additionally, my testosterone, estrogen, and DHT are (and were, I had them measured when I was 16) good for my age. 

Anyways, has anyone experienced this before and does anyone have any idea what may have caused this? 


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I had B cups when I was a young adult and puffy nipples later, but I never had trouble with orgasms.  Only an endocrinologist might be able to give you an explanation.  People are often told their testosterone is "normal", but their testosterone level may actually be on the very low end of what's considered normal, so that might be something you'll want to figure out.

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There is a very wide range for what is considered "normal" levels of testosterone.  What is important is that your libido remains strong and that all your endocrine tests are within normal limits.  You may do well to consult with both an endocrinologist and a urologist just for reassurance.  And by the way, there is no correlation between gyne and orgasms.

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There can be a lot of different things that can contribute to weak orgasms.

That being said, testosterone levels are a very personal and individual. What sounds high or low to us compared to others might still be in our normal range.

Also when you say testosterone was measured I don't know if that means total testosterone or includes free testosterone. I could be wrong but I think free testosterone is probably a better thing to look at to see how much oomphf our body is s getting from testosterone. Higher levels of SHBG can tie up our testosterone making it less likely to be usable by our bodies. But you did say your estrogen was checked as well, so your concerns may not be rooted in hormone levels.

A lot of sexual symptoms can have a psychological basis. I think that people who deal with gyno or even intersex issues may have anxieties and some unspoken fears about performance or meeting expectations.

It's helpful for me to find my own balance in my personal life instead of trying to appeal to what I think is normal for others.

Personally my testosterone is less than 400 and I have B cup breasts. My performance and satisfaction has improved greatly once I came to terms with my breasts and learned to just live life. I also learned to ignore the crowd of people who aggressively promote the idea that I should have surgery. I have to do what is right to me and not worry about others.


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Orgasms are typically related to hormone levels. If they are weak and ejaculation is watery or cloudy or clear looking but could be connected and strongly based on other symptoms such as that as low testosterone. Other factors could be low energy, weight distributed to areas often seen as women’s such as thighs lower abdomen or chest. 

There is a great product that helps boost male hormones and regulate the endocrine system from fairhaven called fertilaid as well as others they offer. Wife and I had difficulty getting prego and their product and daily use of zinc vitamin helped tremendously 


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