Author Topic: Very puffy areolas/nipples post-op (1 month with pictures)  (Read 3063 times)

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Ussually doctors offers free revisions if after healing there is still something not quite right but this details should have been spoken before the surgery.

Read the papers you signed again, talk to your doc! Its not fair to pay twice for something!

Your doc didnt bought his car without an engine and paid again for an engine later when he saw that something is wrong with the car!!

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Most surgeons have sort sort of revision policy -- that is something that should be discussed at any consultation with a surgeon.

In my office, I have a printed revision policy which both the patient and I sign.  In it, I state that I will provide free revision surgery within one year of the operation -- subject to my agreement -- but there would be a cost for the operating room facility and anesthesia.  I will not perform revision surgery merely at the patient's demand and insistence if I feel it is not medically advisable.

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How come your before and after photos say 3-month post-op, I thought you said they got better at 6-months? Is this the final result?

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Hi there.
I hope this is now a better result for you. This is one of my major concerns - that I have the surgery and still retain puffy nipples. As Dr Jacobs discussed undermining the areola skin above,it gives me something to discuss with Dr. Nurein when I eventually get my Sheffield consultation post lockdown. I assume since he is a specialist in the area he will know exactly what is needed to rid me of my puffy nipples!

Take care and hope your gyno journey is going well.

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Just to chime in here, the Dr was right. The nipple area can take a long time to change as it heals after surgery, especially as any scar tissue forms and settles down.

When I first came out of surgery one of my nipples was completely inside-out!! It completely scared me. But over time it re-formed back to shape but was still intermittently puffy. Over several months or even a couple of years that reduced. Now one of my nipples is occasionally slightly puffy but nothing that worries me.

It's also worth noting that nipples vary massively between people. Not everyone is the same. In women there can be huge variety in size, shape, colour, puffiness of a nipple and the same in men. So the photo in this thread to me look good in the grand scheme of things and you have to learnt to love your body how it is sometimes.


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