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I have been meaning to ask this question. Um So almost everyday or every other day my gyne hurt, now i read people post on here an the people say it only means they are getting bigger. But to me i dont see that at all i just feel the hurt, so do you guys know what it could be ????


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It is impossible to actually see growth.  The only way to see it clearly is to take a picture in the same pose from the same distance in the same light a month apart and it may take several such pictures to get the pattern.   At the same time, pain in the breasts usually does indicate growth.  So you need to see your doctor and get an unbiased opinion.  A set of pictures taken over time are helpful and the best results would be with a shutter delay and a tripod to make sure the angle and distance remain the same.  
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The way I could tell, the more they hurt and the longer they hurt, time wise that is, the larger size bra cup I needed! At one time all I needed was a "B" cup and now I need a "H" cup!

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The pain you feel may very well be your breasts growing, but it may not be also.  If you worry and fret about it one of two things is going to happen; either your breasts get bigger or they will not.  Or you can take my viewpoint and not worry about something you have no control over; and either your breasts get bigger or they will not.  In either case the outcome is the same.  But one you are miserable with worry and the other you are not.  So don’t worry about something you cannot control.

Wisdom only comes at a distance and time.  If you are really concerned take Paa_Paw’s suggestions on the photos.  Take them for 6 months or a year and then you can analyze them and see if anything got bigger.  


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