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I underwent surgery a few years ago to excise some glandular tissue from both sides of my chest.... my gyno wasn't extreme but the left nipple had slightly more gland than the right side did....

2 years after the operation I am feeling a little disheartened by my results... My right nipple has a small, almost invisible, scar under the areola - the scar is purple but overall I am please with that side. The left side, however, creases when I flex, inverts when I lift my arms, and the scar is purple and very obvious. Although I have see worse cases of nipple deformity I am not very happy with these results.

I went back to my surgeon and he basically told me that he likes the results... He didn't ask me to do any movements to demonstrate my concerns and when I flexed, to show him the crease, he told me that it is normal to have some of the tissue pull inward towards the chest....

Can anyone help point me in a direction ?


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Obviously, you have posted no photos to illustrate the points of your concern.

However, in general, any crease beneath a nipple represents loss of supporting tissue at that point (ie a "mini-crater" or adherence of the undersurface of the skin to the deeper fascia.  These problems do not improve substantially over time.  Usually what is needed is to provide tissue (ie fat flap, fat graft) between the deeper tissues and the skin.  Obviously, this involves more surgery, which your surgeon may be reluctant to entertain.

Best suggestion is to seek another opinion -- preferably with an experienced gyne surgeon.

Good luck!

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