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I am in the stages of picking a surgeon and attempting to get the surgery covered by insurance, if not then I will finance it. However I do NOT want any form of recurrence of gyno, I want to be rid of this deformity.

Is it necessary to get a hormone panel, sonogram, mammogram, anything that ends with gram before surgery to make sure it will NEVER come back? (I have had yearly physicals and blood tests, if my hormones were off they would let me know correct?)
I have had gyno for maybe 8 years, I am 21, got it during puberty. Thanks!



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They don't test hormones when you have your yearly medical physicals! You will need to see a endocrinologist to have a work up on that! Be sure that they also are good at finding out why you have the gyno in the 1st place and knowing that if you do have the surgery it will not return!

Just to let you know! You say never return! Now I'm not a betting man, never bought a lottery ticket, however, I would lay money on most men, even those who have gyno surgery getting some breast enlargement in their "golden years"! Hopefully their grandchildren will mean more to them then worrying about the gyno!

Never say never

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Hammer is correct.  they do not test for hormone levels unless they have a specific reason to do that.  
Having Gynecomastia is not considered a deformity or a disease so that it itself is not a reason to ask for expensive tests.
There was a time when I thought a complete work up by an Endocrinologist including tests of the hormone levels was a good idea.  If your breasts have been actively growing within the last few years, I still think that is the right thing to do.  But if the Breasts have stabilized and are unchanged for two or more years, I think that serves no purpose.
Generally speaking, regrowth is not an issue.  but that does not mean you are forever safe.  Conditions later in life and treatments for things  like prostate enlargement either benign or malignant can cause growth no matter what  and surgery will not prevent that. 
Keep in mind that post operative swelling can last from a couple of weeks to several months and that has more to do with how you heal than the surgeons skill.  It eventually goes down.  
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