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I finally broke through to my dad today about gyno surgery i am 14 currently and as i recall from photos i have had gynecomastia for approximately 2 1/2 years my father has said no to me before but i did my own research and talked to him about Dr. Elliot Jacobs i have studied him for about a month and am very happy with his work and results my. my troublesstarted in school when kids started to tease me bc i never really noticed my chest before then since nobody brought it up. my dad is going to try to get support from insurance(which i know is unlikely) but then even if i know my dad will still help and come through for me. i also now my mom will say yes when we tell her because she was ready to go to the school and beat up one of the kids formaking me feel so depressed and ashamed. i have been planning on becoming a bodybuilder for a while but i could never seem to master my chest even when my arms became big and when i noticed i flexed and felt muscles and a lump. as so i gotnervous and started to research it and found out what i had i went to a pediatrician and said just wait it out. well i have waited it out long enough. i was about to kill myself literally had a knife starting to cut through my chest. (which i haven't told my parents) i hope this all happens fast for i am hoping for the surgery as soon as school ends so i can heal without worrying of get nipple twisted and my chest getting messed up. please comment i need encouragement.


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I remember.. same incidents happened to me when I was about you age, I'm now 19 y.o and I did all my research myself, got surgery done etc.. and it's the best feeling ever, the healings look great, im just trying to cut and get a more ripped look now.
Good luck man, I wish ..

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Perhaps you can have your parents read this message board, it might give them some much needed understanding on your situation.  I didn't get the surgery until I was 30, I had to go through school and college dealing with the type of harassment I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  I wish I could have had surgery at 14, I just didn't know it existed.

As for the cost, you can keep pushing on the insurance companies.  My insurance actually paid for half of my surgery (the gland excision portion).  There is always hope that they'll pay for part of it.

Honestly, as someone who suffered, I would not hesitate to pay for this surgery for my children if they end up having gyne.


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