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I’m sixty five and just noticed the beginnings of my gyne about a month ago.  That led me to a hormone work up and the discovery that I’ve got severe testosterone deficiency (164 total).  I just started TRT, with daily applications of T-gel. 

My question is for those guys who underwent TRT after having already experienced gyne.  Did the TRT have any impact on the gyne?   Did it stop the progression of it?   Did it aggravate it?   Or, did it not impact it all?

I know that any of these outcomes are possible, but just trying to gauge what is most likely.  I’d appreciate hearing of the experiences of you guys who have been in a similar situation.  Thanks. 



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If you went to your primary care doctor for hormone testing, before you go to far with trt go to a endocrinologist.  There is a lot going on with your hormones that most primary doctors don't understand.  My T was low (i am 38) around 200 and my primary doc put me on androgel and it didnt help so i started doing research.  But i did not want to treat the symptoms, but the main problem and got referred.  And my endocrinologist found out I have a prolactinoma and my prolactin was high.  My primary doc didn't even test for prolactin.  the endocrinologist put me on meds for high prolactin and testosterone corrected itself.  now my t is 600,  i am not saying that you my have high prolactin, but that you need to be careful with trt as it can cause other problems that are worse than low t, one of which is gyne.
also get your t tested in the morning  (that is when it is the highest) and my gyne was caused by prolactin and has stayed the same after me hormones were stabilized

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i feel like it made mine worse. like Edward said theres a lot to hormones. do your research


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