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Hi I have a medical question, I was born male in the UK
when I was 14 I grew large breasts, the DRs advised my mother I would benefit from having them removed, so they removed them. I was not asked what I wanted, I am now about to start HRT & enter a Gender Identity Clinic & transition to a female

my question is this.. having had the glands removed when I was younger will my breasts grow at all with the HRT?

thanks, meli


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Yes.Same as gynecomastia can reappear in men.

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There is no way to predict how much your breast will enlarge while on HRT. 

In most normal males, there is a small amount of breast tissue under the areola and this tissue will grow when exposed to female hormones.  You have had gyne surgery and therefore we do not know how much of your own breast tissue was left under the areola by the surgeon.  Therefore, if you take HRT, the only way to know how much you will grow is just by being patient and observing.  However, most male to female patients, even with HRT, will eventually want to get breast implants.

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