Author Topic: There is hope after all!!!!  (Read 1863 times)

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I am definitely going to have this surgery, 3 or 4 grand seems a tiny price to pay to rid myself of this life hampering condition. I thought i was all alone in this until a few weeks ago, when I saw a discovery channel show on it. I never even heard of surgery for this, then one day as i casually turned through the channels I saw the headline "men with breasts, living with gynecomastia" and i watched and was dumbfounded that so many others deal with this. I was so excited I felt i could jump 10 feet in the air! I am not rich by no means and i understand some of the younger guys who have this having trouble with the cost, I am 23 now and when I was 17 i wouldn't have had ANY way to get $4000 either. But now considering the endless emotional pain, loss of self esteem, and embarassment I have endured, I would gladly pay $20,000 for the surgery and feel like i got a hell of a bargain--My self esteem and happiness with life for less than the price of a new car? Wow.


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did discovery do something too, i thought it was just the learning channel.  but it's a heck of a "discovery" either way, isn't it.  welcome to the boards.  
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