Author Topic: the gyno reduce pills can reduce your gyno. so there is no need for sugery  (Read 4724 times)

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hi...on tv they said using the gyno pills can reduce or take away your gyno they might didn't show you because i live in different state texas i live in a  huge city called dallas,texas the 8th largest city in united states. my family member he didn't have enough money so he used the pills is using it he said they are reducing the gyno. i thought sugery was the only answer but i guess i was wrong.             sj jordan or serkiah jerel jordan

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You were right to start with. There are no magic pills or potions that will get rid of Gynecomastia.

Watch the same TV ad again, there is a disclaimer there somewhere.

These products are scams.
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Hey yeah, there are pills that make your penis bigger too, and ones that make you loose weight no matter what you eat or how much you work out.  Believe me, if a drug company found a pill that gets rid of gyne, dr's would be writting with their pens when they wrote you a prescription.  People would readily pay 3 grand for a medical treatment to avoid the problems and recovery involved in surgical correction.  I'm going to take a stab in the dark and assume this ad was on around 2am.

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I'm going to take a stab in the dark and assume this ad was on around 2am.

 ;D  Yeah, that's the time when all the bogus stuff is advertised...  ;D

Just like all those 18 something models 'awaiting' your call.... LOL, got news for you guys... you wont be talking to those hot models... rather an average girl with a sweet sounding voice...

It's all a big  SCAM!

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Well, at the moment I'm doing Pharmacology and I'm on my first year, in future I might dedicate some of my time on developing a what you would call a "Magic Pill" for gynecomastia. So stop all the negative attitude  ;D (Again I repeat : I might  ;D)

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Hey yeah, there are pills that make your penis bigger too, ......

           D'oh ,  I was eatin'  10  pills a day for  that   and nothin, no  change , nada,.....  I guess  the  only real  enlarger is the   pump thingy  I saw advertized in the  back pages of '' biggins''  magazine,

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Hey email,  As much as I wish there were such a thing as a magic pill that could reduce gyno, there isn't.

Only some estrogen reducing/blocking drugs have shown to have some effect in some cases, but the results are overall dissapointing.

Even if treating gyno with pills were to ever happen in the future, it would most likely be in the form of 2 or 3 pills custom dosed to the individual based on labs. Even then, you have have to treat it immediatly after gyno develops before tissue becomes permanant.

Good luck 


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