Author Topic: Testosterone Gel for GYNO?  (Read 3485 times)

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I am 22, 5ft 8 and weigh 140lbs. I am in the same position as fp who posted a message about puffy nipples. I have lived with gyno since i was 13 and after watching a channel 4 documentary which made me aware of what it was, i decided to contact a surgeon. The surgeon that i saw did not fill me very much confidence and made me scared about abnormalities and looking work that i do already ( i also can't really afford £2600). Gyno is affecting me mentally that much tho, its really getting me down, so i can't do nothing. I found this website who are selling testosterone gel, which they say can help with gyno. Does this work? Has anyone tried it? Or is it a con and is surgery the only answer?
Please Help.



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