Author Topic: Testosterone & Prolactin levels normal, moving forward, surgery?  (Read 1365 times)

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Hi all,

Have recently joined the forum, posted up a picture or two and got some advice from a few of you, so my thanks for that.

Recap; 21 year old from UK, mild gyne since around 12 years of age. The same age I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (ulcers of the colon). Been on anti ulcer medication since - which I've ready could be the reason for increased breast tissue or messed up hormone levels.

Since then I have been to my GP and got a blood test for around 8 different things, of which I can only remember testosterone and prolactin. I contacted my GP yesterday to enquire about the results and got the obligatory "they were normal".

My argument is, something *must* be wrong for this to have happened in the first place. Or am I incorrect in that assumption? Perhaps whatever did start it, has been reduced since, but the effects are still there?

I have been working on losing weight and gaining muscle for 6 months. I have always had a skinny frame and even so, I managed to lose 8 pounds in this time frame. However this had minimal effect on the size of my chest.

I have booked another appointment to see my GP in a couple of weeks but I cannot see the meeting going anywhere. I have now accepted that surgery may be necessary.

Few questions;

1) What are the prices for surgery likely to cost in the UK?
2) Where is the best place to get this done? I am happy to travel wherever necessary in the UK, and possible abroad.
3) Are the vests worn after surgery visible when wearing long sleeved shirts?
4) Should I exhaust other avenues before going for surgery, what else is there to try?

As always, many thanks for any help provided here.




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Just because your tests say your hormones are in good range now doesnt mean they were when you development gyno. They may have spiked during puberty and given you this condition.

Answers to 4 and 5.

No vests are not visible with a shirt.

Exhausting all other avenues will leave you exhausted and with 0 results. Once gyno is established for a period of time nothing but surgery will get rid of it.

I got realistic and spent a month from sunrise to sunset boxing my insurance company into a position where legally they had to pay for my surgery.


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