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I've read through the 'scientific articles' section of this site, and some studies, and an article written by Merle Yost suggest that Tamoxifen can treat gyne? Why isn't this being discussed on the forums then?


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Simply because adjusting the hormone levels is a difficult matter; Usually involving oversight by an Endocrinologist and regular Laboratory studies.

It is not widely discussed here because it is hardly a "Do-it-yourself" job.
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Scientific studies show that Tamoxifen often reduces gynecomastia in the FIRST TWO YEARS.  It is not effective after about two years.  If you have had it less than two years consult a
reproductive endocronoligist. I can't tell you how many articles I've read in peer review medical journals stating that Tamoxifen won't work  when the gynecomastia cells turn fiberous after around two years.  Not at all what I wanted to hear.

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Because as mentioned, it does not remove moobs after you got them in adults. It may help prevent further development if there are underlying medical issues with estrogen production. There has been a few of discussions on aromatase inhibitors/blockers and other hormonal treatments here.

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This article makes me hopeful...
ncbi [dot] nlm.nih [dot] gov/pmc/articles/PMC1710742/?page=1

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tamoxifen can even have an estrogen rebound so be careful, i would know. Plus every case is different depending on which gyno u have and how u developed gynecomastia


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