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i was wondering how many people have gotten surgery through the armpit, does anyyone have any information on the success rate or any other kinda clueless, thanks


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Hello Fgyne

Go to the UK section of the forum and look for the surgeon's name 'Mr Levick'.  He uses this technique (on myself included) and probably performs male chest reduction/sculpture on more guys than any other plastic surgeon in the UK.  He had the very same procedure carried out on himself by a PS friend of his from Los Angeles.

Opinions vary on the quality of results, but I think it is down to the skill of the surgeon rather than the technique employed.  There is little reason why surgery through the areola should be any better or worse in terms of the end result and scarring around areola, which should all but disappear over time.  My incision marks are located next to the armpit, in the crease of the arm and cannot be seen when the arms are lowered.  I am four weeks post-op and the scars, which are about 1.5cm long are 80% gone.  They will continue to fade.

I had a total of 800cc of fat and about 100g of gland removed, so quite a significant case.  I am happy with the result so far, but a revision cannot be ruled out just yet, but I will wait at least 9 months before making that decision.  Wearing any kind of clothing is now not an issue.  Later today I will be posting my before and after pics in my 'Surgery with Mr Levick' thread, again in the UK section.

Hope that helps.


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