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Hi all,

I first looked at this forum about a decade ago when I was 17 or 18. At the time I booked myself in to go and visit -- in Poland but chickened out at the last minute - just all felt a bit weird. Instead a decade on I've had the surgery done in London with <a class="underlinelink" href=""><a class="underlinelink" href="">Dr. Nurein[/url][/url] on August 25th (I am 2 months on at the time of writing).

Can'trecommend enough and happy to answer any questions about the procedure etc. here. My advice is largely to just get it done as you really feel so much better.

I attach some before & after pics for reference - my case was minor(ish) but significant enough to cause me to hate it!

Hope this is helpful and as said on hand in any case anyone needs any tips.


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Congrats on getting the surgery done and you look like you have a fine result.

You are slender and had a small amount of gyne -- so careful surgery could predictably give you a nice result.  Some surgeons would look at your case and be very cavalier about it -- beware.  Cases such as yours are tough because there is a very line line between removing enough and taking too much which would produce a crater deformity.

Congrats again and enjoy your new chest!

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