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Hi all,

Been on the forum a little while now and posted a few times in the uk section but it seems to be dead now..

Iv recently had a consultation with Mr Vik Vijh (beauty gurus) and it went well although there has been a few hiccups (not actually knowing I was booked in for a consultation with him because of something to do with their computer system & telling me I could be booked in for surgery a month earlier than actually possible oh and sending letters to my home address even after I catogoricly told them not to) other than that very professional and helpful,

Iv since told my girlfriend about the surgery and she was very supportive until I told her the cost £4450, witch she imeidetly said I could get it a lot cheaper in Lithuania (she's from Lithuania been here in the uk the past 5 years) so iv started looking into it and she's right I could get the surgey for less than half the price including flights and accommodation  than what I'd pay over here and the surgeons don't seem to have a bad review between them ! ( I'd just like to know if you have any thoughts, opinions or even experiences with "nordesthetics"

Any help will be much appreciated  




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