Author Topic: Surgery for diffuse gyno?  (Read 66 times)

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Hi. Has anyone here had surgery for diffuse gyno? Is it more expensive? More complicated? More likely to recur?

I've had diffuse pain in my left boob for years now, since I started taking finasteride for hair loss. Tamoxifen helped minimize the pain (and probably slowed down the breast growth) but it has gradually gotten bigger. An ultrasound scan confirmed my left boob was striated (looked like streaky bacon on the photos) but my right boob is just fat

My boobs aren't massive by any means, but they're big enough to make me self conscious. And they put me off losing weight because when I'm thinner, they look relatively bigger :-[

I've been reading about gyno surgery and watching videos of it in YouTube, but all the resources seem to be for the "puffy nipple" type, so not very useful for me



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