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  • Gyne Lipsouction GIT-R-DONE!
Well I'm finally back home and finally got this all taken care of. Yes I am sore, and yes i don't see the results I was hoping for yet, but I know to be patient and as such I will be :).
Its the best feeling in the world because you know you've did your part and the hardest part of it all was to schedule a consultation.
If any of you ae considering doing this...PLEASE do it. Don't be scared to pick up that phone. Ask parents for help. Most of them SHOULD understand the emotional trauma that has resulted from it.
I've had gyne ever since i started middle school. I am 21 now and hope by the age of 22 I can feel normal. This also has motviated me to workout. I worked out before and got down to 170 lbs and just made the gyne look worse. I was so depressed that i packed on more pounds than what i originally started out at.
This site has helped me to realize i wasn't the ONLY ONE with this problem. Good luck to everyone!

Surgery Completed 2/10/05

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congrats!!  ;D  and yes, please be patient, it will pay off.  you've lived with it for so long - what's 3 months? you can't do anything about it now -- and it WILL take a few months.  be patient and excited!!
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  • Gyne free, is the way to be!
Thats exactly my situation. The gyne motivated me over the years and even now to work out very hard. I have an great physique except for the gyne which I am getting removed very soon.

Keep us up to date on how recovery is going. Pictures please.

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  • Gyne transformed me into a living dead.

what kind of operation did you go through? (excision only/lipo only/both)?
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  • Gyne Lipsouction GIT-R-DONE!
Lipo only. But yeah all the draining has finally ceased and now I gots to wait until the incisions close up. I've had acne scars on my chest prior to this so a few more won't hurt :)

It really doesn't look any better than it was at the moment but swelling and bruising does that :)

Im gonna continue wearing the compression vest for a month or two. It may or may not help but it can't hurt to try. Before I had my surgery I was constantly wearing a compression vest and whenever i had a g/f i told her i had back problems and that it was to remain on 24/7.

I use to love swimming when i was young and hopefully I can get back into that, go to saunas and just live a normal life. I don't expect PERFECT results but i dont want to be boobified anymore.

I'll keep the update going until April (when i go out on the road)
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