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Hello- I’ve had gynecomastia since I was probably 11-12 years old. I’m almost 28- a little over 4 years ago I decided enough was enough- I was tired of avoiding swimming, avoiding any clothing that’s tight fitting, tired of pinching my nipples anytime I take off my shirt so I don’t have anyone see puffy nipples. This has been a lifelong demon for me. I got the surgery, and initially was very pleased. I kept the garment on for 6 weeks as asked, but as soon as I took the garment off, boom- puffy again. My left nipple is fine and looks good in clothing, but when I slouch my shoulders it still looks cone-ish. My right nipple still feels like it has gland behind it.. or scar tissue I’m not sure. I consulted with my Dr. and he said I look good (even tho it looks very slightly better than before) and gave me a steroid shot in my right nipple. After the shot, for whatever reason I just decided it was fine and I’d move on.. however lately it’s back to bothering me as much as it did before the surgery. My right nipple pokes thru clothing, it doesn’t lay flat on my chest at all, even when I flex it protrudes out. I think there’s still gland there. My dr now is on a sabbatical so I’m searching for new drs who can maybe do a revision and help me. Anyone else have this issue? 



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