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So Did Or Does Anyone Have Support From Their Faimly With Gyne ?

When I Say Family I Mean Like Mom,Dad,Siblings,Cousins An Everything ?
Well If You Did Lucky You. I Thought I Did But Unfortunately They Became Ashamed Of Me. I Don't Know Why They Care So Much About My Boobs I Mean Did They Get Bigger Or Something An You Think They Can Really Start Seeing My Boobs Or What 


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It was never an issue so there was nothing either positive or negative. The condition is common in my family so it is just not a big deal. 
Grandpa Dan


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It isn't a problem for me at all. I hunt with my older brother and he said  " who doesn't have man boobs"? It isn't like I'm the only one in my family that has them, I just got the biggest!
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It is not and never has been an issue with me either.  I live solo but even when living with my family I never went topless in the presence of my children and my not-so-beloved ex-wife kept any thoughts on the matter to herself.


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