Author Topic: Still healing 1.5 years after surgery?  (Read 1863 times)

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I had gynecomastia surgery october 2006, excision and liposuction.

My right side looks good, but the left side still feels weird when I touch it (numb), it kind of looks like too much fat has been removed (skin feels too close to the muscle compared to right side). It has filled out slightly in the last 1.5 years, but the process have been very slow...To me it looks like it is still healing.

I also have scar tissue right underneath the incision-line under each areola. Can I except the scar tissue to go away 100% ?

Is it possible that Im still healing 1.5 years after surgery?


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Is it possible that Im still healing 1.5 years after surgery?

Anything is possible dude!

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That is a long time for the numbness to still be present. What has your doctor said. Why are you asking these questions here w/o first talking with your doctor. See the doctor then come back with more information.

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