Author Topic: steroids will reduce my gyno says doc?  (Read 3797 times)


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i just went to the specialist at the breast clinic in the hospital and was told that i am to be put on steroids (which i actually already did myself but will now proably stop)
she said that my gyne  should go away in about three months!
Im not so sure it will!
ive seen pics on here of guys saying i have gyno and nothing but i have small lady lumps and can feel the solid gland about 2 inches of diameter on each side
So hows come this is the case that im being told it will go? ive had it for 2 years now and as far as i was concerned you have gyne you have it for life?

anyways she also said if it doesnt there is a sharp scalpel with my name on it.


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well i understood that gyno isnt for life... actually it usualy go away.
secondly i heard about many cases of gyno that were developed due to steroids.


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like mine along side diazpam (i dont have anything wrong with my livers from hep although i have that to)

properly confused my although thats a specailist will i only get more confused coming here?

im keeping an open mind to it all

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The term  "Steroids" can mean different things.

The steroids used by body builders are of one type, and they are androgenic hormones.

A completely different type of steroid would be the anti-inflamitory drugs used by old people like me to get some relief from arthritis. This kind of steroid is also often used to control / reduce inflamation after an injury.

Abuse of the first type is a predisposing factor in many cases of gynecomastia.  Using the latter type could reduce swelling, True enough.  But I do not know how effective it would be against Gynecomastia.

Yet another type has its special use,  The treatment of allergies, asthma etc.

The term steroid could mean several things depending upon application and/or context.
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sorry being a steroid user i just said steroids and i realise now that was abit to general it is infact testosterone she wants me to go on aparently mine is low but i stil havent heard of any one curing a pretty bad (but i have seen alot worse) case of gyne especially with steroids

I can understand the therie that if i get my body running properly it should go,just still abit dubios as to it though


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