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Sorry for starting a new topic again...but I have a question.

I still can't tell if the "man boobs" are fat, or gland. I know I have puffy nipples and that if i squeez around really deep there is a hard thing, but if i lift my arms up above my head the whole thing (other then the little puffiness that there is) appears flat.

If it was breast tissue would lifting my arms up high still make my chest appear flat?

Another example would be putting a glass plate againts it, if I do that it appears pefectly flat..

Thanks .


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Don't apologize for starting threads. That's what the forum is for.

It sounds like you have glandular gyne. It is also likely that you have excess bodyfat (pseudogyne) unless you are in good shape.

Post some pics.

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Yeah I'm working on getting pics up.

I'm not in good shape either...I'm about 10-20 pounds overweight.

So if I lost weight and it was glandular gyne what would the appearence of my chest be like?

Would I just have puffy nipples?

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Hi john,
If you have a hard lump behind your nipple it will be gland.Mine started as a small lump and then became fibrous and spreaded out like a ball of

Try weight loss and see what may just be fat


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