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i've had gyneomastia on my left side for about 5 years now, from when i was 14 till now (i'm 19).  recently, i noticed that my left and right sides were starting to look similar... and my hopes were getting up that finally it was starting to go away.  
however, i also started feeling my right side and noticed a small lump forming and that my nipple is now much looser.  could gynecomastia start forming again now on my right side???

the left side is only a moderate case... could it also start to worsen?  its been bad enough with one side... but now i must start all over with my right side starting to develop too????  is there anything i can do to stop this horrible growth?

i am so sick of this i might just take a knife and cut it out myself... i HATE gyne more than anything in the world.  what the hell did i do to deserve this?!?!

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Don't worry dude, you're not alone with this. Every one of us on these boards feels the same way sometimes. At least i know i do. I dont think its something you can easily stop yourself. If you have a decent diet and you exercise, are in relitively good shape, and its still developing....then really its not something you can stop.

However, if you are 19 you are most likely finished puberty and it should not be developing right now. So what i would do if i were you is get your horome levels checked first, that way if there is some inbalance you can simply get it fixed with some drugs...wouldnt that be good eh?

But if your hormone levels are all good then i guess you should consider surgery as an option if its getting to the point where you wanna cut it with a knife yourself, which i strongly dont recommend you do  ;)


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