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I surf the net in my metro area and visit doctor websites with before/after pics of gyne pics. And I have to say that while some of them are impressive, many of them are also just plain awful, and I think to myself that it makes the guy look so disfigured, that I ask myself would the surgery be worth it for me if the risk is to look like that. Maybe the docs just aren't vetting their pics very well. I think that one thing these pics don't take into consideration is that most of us don't go around with our shirt off that often. Yes, there is a time now and then when we can, but most of us wear a shirt in most situations and even the most confident man without gyne might wear a shirt in the pool at a pool party. So I have a suggestion, and that is that before/after pics show what the guy looks like in a somewhat tight shirt. That is the true test. No scars, no creases, just a silhouette to show if the boobs are showing or not. 


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Agreed; suggest link(s) to any garment(s) involved that made you feel more masculine, or at least made you feel that you were successfully hiding your Gyne from others in public situations.  ("They" will likely be noticed; the litmus test for me is if anyone decides to say something about it?)


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