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Hi, I just joined. I'm so stressed out with everything.  I relapsed on heroin in December 2020 and in March 2021 I got on methadone to get off it. Before the relapse I was clean 7 years. I've never had gyno. I work out regularly and never taken steroids. During the relapse I put on some weight as I was eating like crap. Anyway after 2 months on 60ml methadone my right chest started to hurt. And it's been puffy with agonising pain when touched of knocked by accident. I can't feel a lump. Just tenderness.
 I went to the doctor and my testosterone was so low. 2.9 . I found out methadone lowers testosterone.  So I've lowered my dose and managed with alot of struggle to get it down to 16ml. The pain is still there. Doctors are taking ages. I have just been referred to breast clinic but it's in 2 weeks. I feel like crying and I can't sleep properly as it's all I'm thinking about. I really cant cope at the moment. 
I've been working out and my muscle Is still dense but under a layer of fat. I'm losing bodyfat but since my bodyfat has decreased from 26 % to 22% my right chest hasn't decreased like my left has. I'm 40 years old by the way

My doctor can't say that it's gyno but I know when testosterone goes down men can develop gyno. Any advice and support is welcome. I have never posted my problems online ever. I always deal with my stuff on my own but this is breaking me. 



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Try not to let it panic you. You are working to getting absolutely clean and you should celebrate that and let that celebration be never ending in applauding yourself in doing something so many try to but can’t. I for one am absolutely proud of you. 

Regarding the possible gyno don’t even trip over it. You are also losing weight building muscle etc and with getting healthier overall comes some things we wish may have gone away but may not. Stretch marks, loose skin didn’t tighten, male breasts didn’t go all the way away or appear larger cause body skimmed but up too didn’t. I for one would say don’t let it knock you down. Again, celebrate the good don’t fret over the potential insecurity if it has become one. Keep working on yourself and being proud of the achievements and strides you’ve made and look at anything like possible gyne as a badge of honor of what you came from. Substance use may have caused some, weight loss may not have remedied it, f it, own it, and make it part of your war story not woe story. 

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Work on the big issues in your life first, the rest falls into place easier after that.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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Ditto on what they said. 
Focus on the good stuff. 

The gyno, it is kinda weird and can throw you, but your doing fine otherwise and that's what is important. 

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Hang in there. This has become a pretty supportive accepting non judgmental place 


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