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hi my name is mike. Im 22 and I live in rhode island. I currently came across this site looking for some help for my aparent gyno. Ive had pretty damn painfull gyno for the past two or 3 years now. It has been increasing in pain and size since then. It causes me alot of stress and anxiety. My girlfreind cant even rest on my chest without me telling her it hurts to much for her to do so.
My insurance kicks in january first. Its called blue cross blue shield of rhode island EPO. its the most expensive of all the optional coverages offered by my job. If figured I would have a better chance at getting the surgery  ??? both my nipples are swollen. my left is a bit worse with the gland spreading to about an inch and a half and about an inch on the right. I am pretty lean and cut. im about 5 7'' and 150 pounds. Im almost certain its mostly gland and not fat. I work out often. I almost never drink and have smoken pot like 3 times which was over 3 years ago.

Im going to talk to the doctor as soon as possible. I would like some advice on what i should do to make my case with the insurance company that I am in physical and mental pain (sounds corny, I know). An estimation on gyno surgery cost would also be helpfull especially for thin individuals like me who mostly have painfull gland tissue. also optional payment options if I cant get insurance to pay.

 here is some pictures of me around the time gyno started



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