Author Topic: Should I see an Endocrinologist?  (Read 2977 times)

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I am scheduling out of town appointments with Bermant, Hamas, and a local (Seattle) doctor ( Probably Jana Cole ) in about a month.  I am planning surgery in no more than 3 months.  

When I told my doctor what I was doing, and asked for a referral to an Endocrinologist, he balked a little.  He had me give blood and checked about 4 items.  Testosterone, Progesterone, and I forget what else.  He said all my levels seemed normal and he didnt think I needed to go to the endocrinologist.

My question is this:  Should I listen to him?  Or should I just self-refer to an Endocrinologist?  Should I look for an Endo with a specialism in anything?  

Also, he didnt want to start insurance work on Gynecomastia because he said they viewed it as something cosmetic...  I don't get it.  A few people on here say they got it covered...  Whatever.


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I recently talked to a man on these boards whose general doctor made a mistake regarding his hormones and didn't realize his mistake for a year.

A general doctor is not qualified to be able to interpret endocrine results- an endocrinologist is.

I quote The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) from their conclusion to their Hypogonadism (low testosterone) guidelines of 2002.


The recognition, evaluation, and treatment of hypogonadism in the male patient are often dismissed by the patient and overlooked by the physician.


So low testosterone according to the AACE, is often overlooked by the physician.

It is your decision as to what to do, but I would choose to have my hormones checked out by an expert.


Just as I would have my electrics looked at by a qualified electrician and not a jack of all trades.

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Modfive - the short answer is YES!  I you're going to take enough time, money, effort and consideration when visiting 3 ps's, two of which are located in other regions of the country, i'd say invest some additional time in researching and visiting an AACE endocrinologist who specializes in reporductive issues.  It just doesn't make sense to do what you're doing with the PS's and then not pay any attention to an endo.  

A couple years ago (back when I didn't know what gynecomastia was) I did a ton of research on big screen tv's.  I bought this huge tv that cost me about $2,500.  Then I was debating whether to buy the $5.00 cables or the nice $20.00 cables.  Sounds dumb, why would I spend all this money on a nice tv and then by cheap cables?  Does this analogy make sense?   :)

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By all means see the Endo.
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