Author Topic: Sharing ways that we hide are gyno so to support others.  (Read 1774 times)

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I think its a good idea to share with other members especially those who are new to gyno about ways we can hide it.  I understand those who except it but there are those who still find it hard to deal with who cant afford surgery. 

Am very slim so a printed t shirt works best in the summer.

Another thing i discovered that works is i usually where my keys round my neck under my shirt so when i walk it moves the shirt outwards.  That helps when its windy.



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The ways of hiding also depends on size as well! I'm a double D so I don't try to hard to hid anymore but I do make them look smaller. It is easer in the winter here in Minnesota, I have a minimizer bra on, under armer long under shirt on and a t-shirt, but they just look like bumps now, summer is another story! Summer, minimizes bra, t-shirt lose of coarse and an unbutton shirt. The unbutton shirt dose double duty as well, it also covers my pistol on my side or shoulder holster!

Something I have noticed over the years, having the bigger breast does make it easer to hid the fact the you are wearing a shoulder holster with a full size fire arm.

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This thread is a really good idea, honestly. I would like some new tricks, because atm there isnt much I know to hide them. I cant afford under armour coz its really expensive (atleast the ones would work). If somebody knows cheap ones, I would be happy to know. I usually just use first a tighter t-shirt and put it in my trousers so that its really tight and then put on another t-shirt and then a hoodie, jacket or both. It does show a lot still so it doesnt really help that much.


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There is more info in acceptance, you just may need to do some searching. There are a lot of use older guys who have decided for many reasons not to have surgery that have shared how we deal with handling breast. And that is what I call them as that is what they are, at 56 and having them all my life I've learn to accept! If you have time time we have wrote our stories, mine is, "my story after all these years" in stories on the first page.


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We do go through this every once in a while, but we have not done it recently so here goes.

Compression shirts or vests are worn by some men who swear by them. They do seem to work fairly well but I personally found them to be uncomfortable.

If you are interested in concealment, we need not discuss any kind of bra at all. Any fitted or shaped bra would make the breasts much more obvious. Some of the newer seamless bras do not show all that much but they are shaping garments, Comfortable but not meant to conceal.

Now we are down to your choice of clothing and there are a few things here that do work well.

Shirts made of woven fabrics conceal better than knits, Prints and patterns tend to hide things that plain solid colors would reveal. Saturated colors are better than pale colors. Shirts worn loosely conceal better than a snugly tailored shirt. Buy shirts with square cut tails that are meant to be worn loosely over the trousers rather than tucked in. Wear shirts with two breast pockets, but leave the pockets empty.

I am not too fond of Paisley prints, But the fact is that they work very well.

Guyaberra Shirts, (Sometimes called Cuban or Mexican Wedding Shirts) are an exception. In spite of being solid colors and usually pale colors at that, the vertical design, loose fit, Pockets, etc make these good shirts for our purposes.

All of that is the easy part. Under the shirt you should wear a plain white tee, but not a cotton tee. My tees are definatly made for men but they are made of a light tricot knit nylon. That allows your shirt to glide over your skin and make the bulges less evident.
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