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I never could understand why someone wouldn't want to tell a girlfriend or a parent.  Do you think they don't know you have an insecurity about your chest?  After surgery, do you not think they'll know something's different?  :-/

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My parents genuinely don't know I had an insecurity with my chest. I guarantee that if she'd cottoned onto the slightest hint, my mum would have raised it with me.

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I've only read the initial-post, not the responses.  So my response is to that.

If you're living in an area where you definitely need a car or whatever to get around then, yeah, someone should be with you because there's no way in the world you should be behind any steering-wheels (no matter if the procedure was done by general-annestiesia (sp.?) or local).

Now, the doctor's staff could possibly have a taxi called for you to take you home.  Ask them before hand and see what they say.

I live in New York City, so when I had my operation last week it was no big deal for me.  I was able to just walk a couple of blocks to the bus-stop of the particular bus that lets me off just a half a block away from my apartment.


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