Author Topic: scar sensation and stimulation ?  (Read 277 times)

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[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Hello,[/font][/color]
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]I’m now 19 months post and I have still raised incision scars, at least the right side. Left side almost completely flat. [/font][/color]
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]What I wanna ask is what’s up if the scar tissue of the raised scar gets stimulated in some situations like cold, or going swimming like the nipple would get stimulated and pinches together, the scar gets stimulated kinda too, pinches a bit and raises even more ?[/font][/color]
[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]No problems with the left, flat scar so I think the reason is because the right scar is raised.[/font][/color]

[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Thanks [/font][/color]



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