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Well I am going in for a revision, it has been about 10 months since my 1st surgery excision ,lipo and areola reduction.

I kept hoping there was swelling and it would just go away but my PS said we have waited long enough and he wants to get it just right.

I am thankfull that my PS is proactive and very interested in making things look good.  

I have mixed emotions about the revision, i want it done because i havent been totally happy but i am not looking forward to going through all of this again. The recovery should be alot quicker since it is just lipo touch up.

My PS did a good job, I think it is just hard to get it right the first time. The surgeons dont want to take out to much and leave a indent.

The people that have had revisions, are you glad you did it?

Suffered For 20 years, 36 years old
Had 1st Surgery October 2005
Had Revision August 18, 2006
Looking Good So Far


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