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I have read many posts on here where it seems like Gyne sufferers have requested revisions from their PS (months after the GRS took pleace) and the PS refuse to perform a revision.

Do PS often get defensive about their work and not want to perform revisions, or are they just being cheap?



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probably a little of both.  for some people final results can take up to a year, but it's natural for a ps to want to shrug off something as "minor " too.  best thing might be to set out an understanding of terms and conditions as clearly as possible beforehand.  they might react and read you as hypersensitive but if you do it right it might save hassle later.  but most cases seem to come out ok anyway. 
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Yeah , I needed a revision but my PS keeps telling me I look fine. So I put him out on the Blog under US and let people know not to go to him. I also told him he will not do anymore gyno patients because I was putting him out on this site...hehe...F him!!


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