Author Topic: Regular tattoo vs semi-permanent make up for incision scars?  (Read 756 times)

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I have two year old white scars on the edges of the areola .. I've tried all creams and ointments known to man. The scars are pretty thin but visible.  I thought of getting a brown colored tattoo to camouflage them. But I'm not sure if I should get a regular tattoo or the so called semi permanent make up which I read doesn't last long.  

What do you think? Has anybody had a tattoo over scars?


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I am curious also about how well they cover them. I've seen some tattoo artists specialize in scar cover up. Definitely wouldn't trust someone without experience. I am getting surgery as soon as I can afford it, half way there, and I will have to have skin removal and nipple graft. I am thinking about foregoing the nipple graft and go nipple less. With the intention of course to get tattoos across my chest. Anybody else chose this route? I've just seen to many pics of odd looking nipple placement. Even with great surgery outcomes, they come out looking misplaced. I've spent my life hating my nipples and chest, why keep


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