Author Topic: Other View: How many post-op people only had lipo, no excision done  (Read 2291 times)

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The three PS I saw all said lipo "should" take care of it.  I'm scheduled for lipo next week.  After reading through this board, I'm a little skeptical now.


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If there's gland present, lipo only will not get rid of it. Sure, it'll get rid of the fat, but u'll still be left with the glands.

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The post-op people that had lipo only are the ones with unsuccessful surgery.  You "should" find another surgeon or you're going to waste a lot of money.  If you think having gyno is bad try spending thousands of dollars and still having it. Cancel your surgery tan pronto como posible.

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I saw two PS's who were both adamant that lipo would take care of it. The first one laughed at me and said I should lose weight, the second one was confused as to why I thought there was gland when he couldnt feel any.

The third one knew what he was talking about and took out the gland and did lipo and my gyne is gone.

Its not impossible that youd just need lipo but anecdotally it seems unlikely - and the  surgeon should go in looking for it at the very least.

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Usually you need both, but it also depends on the doctor and  how much of the gland needs to be taken out.  The first time i had the surgery i had half the gland taken out, they said you don't want a "scooped" out look.  I still had half left and was not happy.  Then i had lipo done by another doctor.  It helped a bit more.  Then i had a second excision and had all the gland taken out.  Now it's perfect.

Some doctors do not know that it needs excision.  Some doctors are lazy and don't want too do it.

Most of the time, it's not just fatty tissue making it protrude, it's glandular. So it must be taken out. Lipo does very little.


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