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My brother has blue eyes, yet mine are brown.  How can eye color be genetic?


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It's not fair, no - but as Spleen pointed out, genetic inheritance isn't 100% (except for in the case of monozygotic twins), and so gyne doesn't develop in every male family member.

.. Although, I've started to notice that my dad seems to have it, and my older brother has a very minor case too - but maybe that's just cause he's got fatter recently.

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Not every gene is inherited from ones mother and father.

A very good example of this is the iron overload disease Hemochromatosis.

Hemochromatosis is the most common genetic condition in the world, (1 in every 250 people from birth of European heritage has hemochromatosis).  

It causes serious liver problems and can cause gynecomastia via injury to the pituitary.

Anyway 90% of those with this condition inherit one faulty chromosome from their mother and one faulty chromosome from their father.  

Whilst their mother and father may be perfectly healthy only carrying one of the genetic faults both being (CC/C282y), one of their offspring may have (c282y/c282y) and have hemochromatosis.

It is possible for the same mother and father to pass on both faulty copies of the gene, but it is also possible for then to pass on both normal copies of the gene.  In which case their offspring would be CC/CC and not even be a carrier of the condition.

This is how this condition works in practical terms, some sons and daughters are affected some are not.

I would have thought that genetics works in this haphazard manor for many conditions/similarities/developments.

It is thought that gynecomastia can be passed from one generation to the next via a condition that relates to excess aromatase (conversion of testosterone to estradiol).  

Presumably there is a gene or genes that relate to this expression. How such a condition is passed on may (speculation) work in a similar way to the above example.

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I am so jealous of my sister. Its seriously as if she got all the good genes from my parents and I got all the bad ones, hence my name. She’s tan and thin and smooth, a little short but that’s it. Both my parents have a few unwelcome features that are not detrimental to life but nonetheless combined together and given to me to make things harder.

Dad’s rapidly anxious mind with all its learning disabilities
Mom’s obesity and her laziness (not genetic laziness but still picked it up)
My dads bad gums (with brushing every damn day)
My moms huge fat hooters
My dads lifetime acne, not the bad kind but the kind that stays all your life for your face and back.
Dad’s bad skin induced dandruff and bad yet continuing to worsen eyesight

Combined those are all of the things I’m blessed with. There’s one or 2 more but I don’t want to get into it here. The ones I am thankful for are my blue eyes and being tall. Too much information then I apologize. I’m just pretty excited over a forum that appears to be completely honest.

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Dude I know just how you feel!!
Im 36 and still have fuckin acne too (plus a few extra pounds plus the gyne...). How old are you??

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I'm 19. The acne on my face comes and goes frequently but I do sometimes find it around other places like my shoulders or back. I don’t know if its normal or temporary or not but I look at my dad and he gets it often. Has got it real bad like on his back too. I figure its just a foretelling of my future. Just one more thing to look forward to, or not. But like I said before I would do anything to just at least look normal inside a shirt. Face acne is terrible. I had some medicine a while ago that would take care of it in just a few days but at the cost of really drying you out. It worked really well but I think it was prescription. If I can find it I'll tell you what brand it was.

It all makes you feel like your still a little kid dont it? And not in a good way.
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I'm 19. The acne on my face comes and goes frequently but I do sometimes find it around other places like my shoulders or back.

My step mom had very bad acne, she got some kind of op, with pin pricks or something. She doesn't have acne anymore!

What an amazing time we live in.

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In my family, the men have breasts in the A/B cup range and the women are all large breasted with a D cup being considered small.  This is true in the background of both my parents so both of my brothers have breasts as do I.  My older brother had breasts in the B/C range while my younger brother and I have A/B tending more toward A.  My sons and grandsons all have some breast enlargement though the degree is highly variable.

You can inherit the condition from either parent, or you could not inherit the tendency to grow breasts at all.  Thus you would need to know the family history of both parents.  Unfortunately, prior generations were not very open about such personal things and you may not be able to get any information.

Knowing what I do now, I am thankful that I have breasts small enough that I have never had need of a bra.  There are some regular contributors to these pages who are less fortunate and some who need a bra for physical comfort.  This is not funny, and the men involved are not cross dressers or sissies in any way.  They are  normal people who simply cope the best they can.

On the other hand we have some people who have slightly elevated or enlarged nipples who act as though the world is coming to an end.  

Any degree of breasts enlargement is enough to cause severe emotional problems for some men.  All are welcomed here.  We all have experienced the same embarassment etc.
Grandpa Dan


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