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Hey guys, I’m 35 and overweight. Been dealing with this for years. This may seem like an incredibly stupid question however I am curious. When I am cold my chest retracts to a much nicer size, not just the nip, the whole area goes down. Is that common for a person with gyne or does it usually just make the nips go up for most? Not sure if its just because I am 30 lbs over weight or if I have it. Its been so long I don’t really remember when I first noticed anything. Also I have done some reading of other posts and was hoping a few of you could name off some treatments that I can do some research on. Other than the knife…



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Yes thats normal.  Ive only we could be cold forever then;)
Had surgery with Dr. J.C. Fielding on August 2nd.

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I'm no expert but I've been on this board for 3 months now and from what I can tell, surgery is the only way of getting rid of gyne.  If you're a teenager, some people have posted that it might go away before you get into your 20's.  There have been mentioned of a few drugs but I've yet to see solid evidence of these drugs working.  

When I first came to this board, I wasn't looking for surgery either but a chemical solution.  A prescription drug is a lot easier to take then invasive surgery.  The more I kept reading, the quicker I came to the conclusion that surgery was the only way to go.  A month later, I had booked an appointment.  Now I have my surgery date set for July 13th.  Not scared (yet) because I know this is the answer for me.  

Hope this helped.

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retracts when cold?  I've read that happens to a lot of guys.  I think it's common.  But now that you mention it, it seems most of what i've read says the areola/nipple area retracts more than the entire chest.

If you're 35, your hormones are probably stable, but going to an endo may not be a bad idea.  I'm 33 and my PS said at my age it may not help but "certainly can't hurt"

I'm not a big fan of products that claim to reduce/cure gyne.  If you want, i guess you can try them but I think they're a waste of $.


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