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My surgeon want's me to see an endocrinologist before he considers surgery for possible concerns that my gyne may still be actively affected by other forces.

My gyne seems like it's been stable, I'm 20 and developed it around 12 but sometimes it causes me mild discomfort and I still suffer from severe acne and lack of facial hair so my hormones could still be acting improperly.

I am uninsured and intend to pay for the test and endocrinologist visit out of my pocket.

Does anyone who has seen an endocrinologist know what kind of test they are going to do?

If so, does anyone know the cost of the test without insurance. Will I have to make multiple visits or will they do everything the first time?
I know the appointment alone is going to cost me $400 self paid which is a huge blow. My dad is already helping me pay for the surgery( If it is even recommended by the endo) and I really don't know how many more unexpected expenses I can handle.

thanks for reading, any input will be greatly appreciated.

f*ck gyne


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