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I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago and i know it is still very early in the healing process BUT the right side of my chest is noticeably bigger/puffier than my left and im starting to get concerned. im assuming this is swelling? The left side looks so good and almost 100 percent normal but the right is almost as big as it was before i had surgery! The strange thing is that most of the bruising after the surgery was on my left side, not the right. Is this an issue i should bother my surgeon with this early? or wait until my appointment in 5 weeks. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I have still been wearing my binder 12 hours a day like the surgeon said. should i possibly wear that more?



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Just wait! One side may have needed more work done to complete the surgery therefore causing it to suffer more trauma! This is very normal when having the same surgery on two locations on the same body.

I experience this with knee replacement surgery. Same person, same type of surgery, same doctor, same type of replacement knee, two different  recovery roads to take.


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